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The National Cybersecurity Debate

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"Cybersecurity is much more than a matter of IT"

Cybersecurity is top of mind in almost every organization today. For example, we are committed 24/7 to keeping our customers safe from cybercriminals. But cybersecurity goes way beyond that. It is a social theme that we need to implement together and look at from different disciplines. It is high time that we too joined forces. We will do this during the National Cybersecurity Debate on 23 June.

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During the National Security Debate, we bring together leading cybersecurity specialists who we present current social issues. A hybrid debate in which you too participate as a jury. Drum up your colleagues and vote or discuss cybersecurity issues that to this day are not a clear answer.

The program

During the National Security Debate on Wednesday 23 June from 14:00-15:30, our guests will discuss current social issues regarding cybersecurity led by Rens de Jong.

The speakers

Jelle Niemantsverdriet

National Security Officer- Microsoft

Gina Doekhie

Cybercrime specialist - Politie Nederland

Olaf Hartong

Defensive specialist- FalconForce

Henk-Jan Angerman

CSO, Ethical Hacker & Threat Intelligence Analyst- SECWATCH B.V.

Thomas Schrader

Security Specialist - Wortell

Rik van Duijn

Hacker & Co-Founder Zolder B.V

Emile Knetemann

Legal Counsel- Wortell

Liesbeth Holterman

Policy Advisor- Cyberveilig Nederland

Debate led by

Rens de Jong

Dagvoorzitter, radio & tv presentator
Are you there Wednesday 23 June from 14:00 - 15:30?

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