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Exposing vulnerabilities to make your organization more secure

Is your organization compliant? Do you act in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply to you? Is your data secure? If you want to know whether your security solutions suffice, you need to test your systems on a regular basis. No matter how good your IT department is, it can always overlook certain vulnerabilities. In such cases, a trained hacker can easily invade. And then, things tend to spiral out of control.

The thing is, you need insight. But detecting and analyzing risks is not easy. And how to draft a security roadmap? You don’t have in-house experts who can answer such questions. Furthermore, if you’re audited, it’s mandatory to have a certified external party look at your security. And, truth be told, a fresh perspective offers a sense of security. But which party and approach will be truly valuable to you?

Thinking (and acting) like a hacker

You don’t even want to think about trading places with a hacker. But did you know there are ethical hackers? We’ve assembled a team of such experts who can expose your vulnerabilities, so you can do something about them.

The team’s approach? They perform a Pentest (which is short for ‘penetration test’). This means our ethical hackers invade your systems to expose the route malicious hackers can follow, too. The Pentest shows you if it’s easy for a hacker to bypass your security -- and if so, what you can do about it. You can read these things in a report that describes how we invaded your systems and which actions you can take to eliminate the vulnerabilities we found.

What risks does your organization face?

Do you want to know if your website is secure? Would you like to discover how well-protected your financial data, intellectual property, and other business data are? Before our ethical hackers get to work, we’ll discuss the scope of the Pentest in detail with you. We will ask you to approve every action beforehand. After all, we’ll invade your system with good intentions!

You may share data on your environment with us, so we’ll know what everything looks like upfront. But our ethical hackers can also start their investigation without prior knowledge — either from your office or from home.

After completing the Pentest, we will perform a risk assessment: we’ll link the risks your organization faces to the vulnerabilities, keeping the current market in mind. The main benefit: you’ll quickly see where the greatest risks lie, so you can address them with priority. Short- and long-term steps will become clear, which will make it easier for you to draft a security roadmap.

Why opt for the Pentest?

  • You’ll lay a foundation for rock-solid security
  • You’ll have immediate insight into the security risks of the IT environment
  • The results will help you comply with laws and regulations
  • Based on our risk analysis, you can set priorities
  • Wortell provides advice and support on improving your security
  • Our team consists of skillful OSCP-certified hackers
  • We develop our own threat intelligence and know which dangers are relevant at the moment