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Make your meetings run smoothly.

What happens in and around the conference room? Briefly put, a lot. Especially now that we see more and more hybrid situations: some people attend a meeting from home, while others participate from the office. The tool that connects them: Microsoft Teams. But whenever you try to organize a meeting, you tend to run into malfunctions and problems. The thing is, there’s more to it than you think. Those who work from home often use a laptop with a built-in camera and a headset, while people in the conference room require other things, such as screens and microphones on the table. And all equipment should work like a breeze.

How can you make sure meetings run smoothly under these circumstances?

Hassle-free meetings at the (virtual) conference table

Wortell provides the products you need in the conference room. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve built an entire service around it: Meeting Room as a Service. It ensures you can always use your conference room in the best possible way, so everyone can focus on the meeting. For that’s what it’s all about.

With this in mind, we set up the conference room in such a way that users don’t have to concern themselves the slightest bit about the equipment. If you want, though, you can take things up a notch and opt for Boardroom as a Service, which means we will start up the meeting and take care of the technical part throughout. This way, you can rest assured that the tech stuff is taken care of from start to finish, and you’re all set for a smooth meeting!

The right technology at the right time

When setting up their own meetings, organizations often use the wrong technology — which obviously comes with consequences. For example, the main requirement for project meetings is that you can collaborate. But for certain meetings (such as a presentation of a reorganization plan), it’s paramount that participants can see each other’s faces, as they need to see their co-workers’ nonverbal responses to certain things. Such meetings require first-rate video conferencing tools.

There are different kinds of meetings, and we take them all into account. The result: we make every meeting run smoothly by using the right technology at the right time!

What’s our approach?

First, we consider the organization, its employees, and the type of meeting. Then, we determine the approach and set up everything in terms of technology. We provide a solid foundation: every meeting starts on time, all connections are made, and the quality of the technology is top-notch. Subsequently, we look at how you use the conference room in practice. We constantly monitor everything in the background, so the service continues to match your work processes.

Have you already invested in expensive video conferencing equipment from Cisco? There’s no need to throw it away when switching to Microsoft Teams. We can ensure your Cisco equipment runs 100% properly in a Microsoft Teams environment. This means your investment will also pay off in the new conference room!





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