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We know security.

Security first

Today, hack attacks are more relevant than ever. The numbers don’t lie. And yet many organizations spend hefty amounts on security solutions. How to explain this situation? The transition to the cloud requires a different security approach than before. You need to look beyond the traditional solutions you know. But how to venture into uncharted territory without stepping into pitfalls?

No generalists, but specialists

Security is an integral part of IT environments: that’s what we believe. In today’s landscape, security is an absolute necessity. That is why this theme is reflected in everything we do. If you work with Wortell, you can count on the excellent security products from cloud player Microsoft as well as our own platform.

You should also know we’re not generalists, but specialists! This means Wortell has a separate, specialized division that provides security services, because we consider security and operations as two different fields of expertise. And that’s why security deserves its very own team.

Solid security foundation: full steam ahead

Your organization’s employees need to be able to work in a hassle-free way. They shouldn’t worry about external threats — whether they work from home or in the office. Think that’s an unrealistic goal? Well, think again. At Wortell, we deploy technology to empower people.

Using Microsoft Cloud Native technology, we make sure employees have a solid, secure foundation that allows them to work in a safe way. And here’s the good news: as this technology integrates seamlessly with the modern workplace and the cloud environment, it doesn’t impact the user’s way of working!

What’s our approach?

Integration is key. At Wortell, security is an integral part of all other Microsoft-based services we provide (we use the security resources made available by Microsoft). This way, we work with a coherent set of resources, and we always have the right information about each product. But we go beyond monitoring and detection. If the security products issue an alert, we follow up on it. For when it comes to security, our motto is: ‘Prevention is better than the cure!’