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Meeting Rooms.

Holding hybrid meetings from home and the office

You’ll probably recognize the following situations. The first 10 minutes of a meeting are wasted because you struggle to get the conferencing equipment to work; you can’t brainstorm ideas because there’s no whiteboard in your meeting room; you fail to log in to the conferencing equipment; or you discover (during your meeting) that the microphone in the meeting room doesn’t work. Such situations cause a lot of frustration and result in a loss of time. The perfect solution: Meeting Rooms.

Successful video meetings at home and in the office

Whether a meeting is successful largely depends on well-functioning equipment. But which employee can be held responsible for conferencing technology? Who buys the equipment that is used for meetings? Who checks whether it actually works on a daily basis? And who sets end users in the right direction, so they can effectively use the equipment? These are all prerequisites for successful video meetings which our service meets, so you don’t have to worry about them. We primarily focus on ensuring video meetings go smoothly and fixing any problems fast. We set up the meeting room in the office using high-quality equipment, tailoring everything to the specific needs of a company and its employees and taking the location’s possibilities into account.

Holding meetings according to the ‘as a service’ concept

The Meeting Room As a Service concept means we take care of configuration, installation, adoption, management, and maintenance. Everything is included in the fixed monthly price: from setup, service, and use of equipment to expert support during every video meeting.

This means you’ll benefit from the following:

  • There’s no need to make major financial investments in hardware.
  • You’ll never have to worry about hardware or software thanks to our proactive management service.
  • End users are always provided with an explanation and training, so everyone can participate in meetings.
  • The service is flexible, which means it adapts to changing meeting-related needs within your organization.
  • A Videobutler will be digitally available to help you during your meetings.

You can focus on collaborating with co-workers. We will make sure everything works. How? By monitoring hardware and software remotely. Is something not working? We will solve the problem.


Experience the possibilities in a demo.

Experience the possibilities of successful meetings in the hybrid situation in our experience centre during a demo. 

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