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Standard document migrations.

Standard document migrations to Microsoft 365: bring the right data to the cloud

Your organization sort of uses the Microsoft Cloud. You’ve embraced applications such as email and Microsoft Teams. But at the same time, you still struggle with data from personal network drives and file shares. You need to comb through this data and organize it to decide whether you can migrate it to the cloud.

This comes with several challenges. It’s often unclear what a migration will look like in terms of both investment and predictability. On top of that, you don’t know how to bring data from the source to a target environment. And once you’ve transferred a selection of data to the cloud, you want to make sure you did it correctly. Finally, it’s not easy to handle the technical part of a migration in a proper, solid way. If you’re not an expert, it might take you several months instead of several days. Moreover, a mistake is easily made. How to avoid such issues?

A-to-Z unburdening

Standard document migrations to Microsoft Office 365 allow us to unburden you in whatever way we can. You don’t have to worry about the right setup. We will help you with the business case and provide concrete insight into the (non-variable) investment. We’ll take care of all steps for you: from inventory and research to migration and aftercare. This way, you can rest assured the process is clear and goes smoothly. It’s also a lot easier to scale up if you want to migrate other business units as well.

Do you want to double check if all data is properly migrated? No problem! We will draft a report and share it with you. But we won’t just support you in terms of technology. You’ll also benefit from a bunch of expertise: our migration expert (who takes care of the migration), our coach (who provides input to the migration expert), and our adoption consultant (who provides you with guidance on communication before and during the migration) will help you out. So, you’ll never be on your own!

Migration in 3 steps

If you opt for standard document migrations to Microsoft 365 with Wortell, we will go through 3 steps together:

1. Migration plan

When drafting a migration plan, we take standard elements as our starting point. Of course, customization is also an option should you require it. But in principle, we adopt a generic approach when working on migrations. We’ll always draft a clear plan with you.

2. Onboarding

Whether you need one or several migration servers, we will install the right infrastructure — which we’ll also set up for you. Using trial migrations, we will check whether everything works within your environment. If the latter requires organization-specific changes, we will implement them.

3. Continuous migrations

In four-week blocks, we will assess organizational units to make the right choices regarding data and aftercare. We’ll determine how many blocks you need based on the number of business units you want to migrate, using a practical calculator.

Why opt for standard document migrations to Microsoft 365?

  • Standard process
  • Migration pipeline based on best practices
  • High-quality reports
  • You’ll have insight into the costs of standard migrations beforehand