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We are the #1 Microsoft partner of the Netherlands

Azure Out of the Box.

Rolling out Azure in a standardized way

Are you convinced Azure offers a myriad of opportunities and benefits, and would you like to implement it as soon as possible? Do you want to set up your own virtual data center in Azure, but are you unsure how to go about it? We completely understand. Turning on an Azure environment often seems simple, but it’s not — especially not if you want to set up the basic infrastructure in accordance with the right standards, governance, and security. We want to help you do this in a fast, secure, reliable way, which is why we offer a standardized rollout of a landing zone in Azure at a fixed price with Azure Out of the Box.

Want to establish a proven Azure infrastructure fast? You don’t have to be an expert!

You can’t pick the best standards and build the environment overnight. You need experienced experts, and you have to figure out the best standards for an Azure environment. This means the costs for setting up your own Azure environment may quickly amount to €20,000. To simplify the process, you can quickly establish the basic infrastructure of your Azure environment with Azure Out of the Box. Why reinvent the wheel if we already have a design — based on Microsoft and Wortell’s best practices — readily available?

Creating a virtual data center in Azure hassle free

A transition to the cloud often involves a lot of uncertainty. It’s understandable: developments follow each other rapidly, which requires highly specific knowledge. After setting up the environment, you’ll also want to monitor and manage it to ensure Azure will be a solid foundation for your applications in the future, too. Moreover, you will want to make sure your environment is properly secured, as you’ll run important applications on the infrastructure. But how to go about it? With Azure Out of the Box, we set up the environment in accordance with guidelines provided by Microsoft and the SIS framework. Additionally, we can monitor and manage the environment, so you can rest assured that all your applications in Azure are properly secured.

 With Azure Out of the Box, you don’t have to go through a long project to set up your Azure environment. We will use our standard approach to set up your basic Azure environment at a fixed price in no time.

A solid Azure environment, now and in the future

With Azure Out of the Box, we will set up your Azure environment in a secure way in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines — at a fixed price, using our standard approach. So, you’ll know what to expect from the get-go. This basic setup is the foundation for innovations within Azure. Here are the facts at a glance:

  • Setting up Azure in a fast, solid way in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines
  • A secure Azure environment thanks to governance and security expertise
  • You’ll be ready for the future as a result of management, monitoring, and new innovations