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Cloud Cost Center.

 Cloud Cost Center: take full control of your expenses

The Azure cloud is growing, and you can feel it in your wallet: your cloud expenses continue to increase. But it’s unclear where the money is going. You lack the right insights. Your organization is doing well, but you’re not in control. In fact, when it comes to cloud cost management, you’re in the dark. Where’s the light switch?

Gain insight into costs, act quickly

Want to gain quick insight into costs, learning what you spend the most on and which people are the largest consumers? It’s music to your ears. After all, it will help you act much more quickly. You can approach the business department with an irrefutable proof of the amounts of IT funds the respective departments have spent. This will allow you to initiate a constructive dialogue about your cloud and resources: you can discuss how useful or necessary a certain expense is.

Sounds practical, doesn’t it? We think so, too! That’s why we’ve developed the Cloud Cost Center: an application that gives you access to and insight into your Azure costs. It will allow you to act on a daily rather than a monthly basis: if there’s a sudden, drastic change in costs, you can find out why in a trice. The days in which you indiscriminately continued to pay for something you couldn’t identify — sometimes for as long as a whole year — are over!

The answers to costly questions

What are your IT costs? How can you put them into the context of your organization? How do they develop over time? What are the expenses per department, person, or role? Are there peaks and troughs? What does a certain application cost and what does it yield? How to distribute the costs across your organization to avoid a situation in which all your expenses fall under the IT budget?

If you use the Cloud Cost Center, you will get quick answers to questions like these. Every day, we extract data on your Azure usage from your environment and store it on our data platform, where we’ve created a data model with several reports containing the insights. And they’ll be available to you!

The result: you will see the exact distribution of cost items and be informed of critical changes in a timely manner, so you’ll be able to manage them. Consequently, no invoice will ever be an unpleasant surprise again.

Why opt for the Cloud Cost Center?

  • Much more control over costs
  • Ability to act quickly
  • It’s easier to approach large consumers and discuss how they can manage cloud costs more efficiently
  • Identification of costs that continue for no reason
  • It’s much more simple to pass on costs to large consumers within the organization