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Digital workplace in Microsoft 365

It’s important to be connected, especially now that organizations work in increasingly scattered ways. You want to involve employees in the organization, offering them a central meeting place where they can stay abreast of crucial (and, equally important, fun) information. Here, they should be able to collaborate and share insights — preferably in the existing Microsoft 365 environment, so familiar productivity tools such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams integrate perfectly. This is exactly what our digital workplace solution, Debble, provides. It’s the go-to digital meeting place full of relevant information that every employee will be able to navigate.

Interconnect employees and take your corporate communication to the next level

Do you want to involve employees in the organization and provide them with relevant, important news? With internal news items, you can convey the right information to employees and take corporate communication to a higher level. Besides news, you also want to provide a central place where employees can find important documents, such as the staff manual. The perfect solution: a digital workplace.

Integrate scattered Microsoft 365 tools in one user-friendly portal

Do your end users lack clarity when it comes to the Microsoft 365 platform? Are they unsure when to use Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint because they’ve lost track of all the tools? And is the intranet currently separate from these things? Chances are you’ll provide clarity by interconnecting all Microsoft 365 tools in one platform in which you’re able to show what the user can do and find at a glance using a good menu structure, pages, and functionalities.

“Debble’s digital workplace provides you with a central portal in which you bring all information, knowledge, and Microsoft 365 tools together in a logical way.”

The best digital workplace, now and in the future

Here’s what we believe: we can only help our customers if both parties do what they’re good at. This means you can work on your company’s core activities, while we make sure you have the best digital workplace — now and in the future. We do this by providing:

  • Monthly product updates
  • New functionalities
  • Guidance and support

Clear, transparent, and fast

As we have over 20 years of experience with hundreds of Debble implementations and a standard rollout approach, we will provide you with a clear, transparent, and very fast digital workplace solution.

Communication: “We have a complex organization with a lot of different divisions. Internal communication plays an important role. All employees work from home now, and we wanted to help them reconnect as soon as possible. Debble has made that possible.”– Dylan Amasia, marketing & communications manager at B&S

Integration: “In the past, we often used local file shares, and we’ve transferred this knowledge and information to the digital workplace. As a result, the latest information is always available.” – David Eddes, CFO at Itho Daalderop

SaaS: “If you build your own platform, you need in-house capacity and knowledge to keep it up to date. We didn’t want to go down that road.” — Chantal Mosso Ramosm, internal communications specialist at Greenchoice