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DevOps Out of the Box.

Secure development process and a fast, easy release

If you’re a CIO, IT manager, or architect, you need insight into your development streams. How to make sure you stay in control when different companies, employees, and external parties develop a variety of applications in your Azure environment? With DevOps Out of the Box, you will stay in control and make sure everything that’s developed fits within the standards and guidelines you have set up.

Stay in control of your development environment

What if you’re always in control of what goes into production? With DevOps Out of the Box, this ideal situation will become reality. It comes with standard approval workflows that ensure only verified code goes into production. Besides approval options, these workflows also include automated checks. This means you can rest assured releases that go into production always meet preset compliancy and security requirements. You can also include your own development and infrastructure standards here, and developers can only make changes to the production environment through the DevOps build and release process. Briefly put, you’ll have all the ingredients required to develop applications in a secure way and stay in full control of your development environment. 

At last, insight into quality and quantity!

The amount of work a developer delivers and the quality of their work have traditionally resided within a black box. As a result, it’s been difficult to properly manage the quality and progress of development processes. Who contributes what to the project? Another important question is, what’s the quality of these contributions? What you don’t want is for an application to go live only to discover it’s full of bugs, and there’s no way for you to figure out where they came from. With its approval procedures and code check, DevOps Out of the Box allows you to see exactly what will be delivered and, therefore, how good developers, external parties, self-employed people, or IT partners truly are. At last, you will have insight into your team’s quality and quantity of work.

An ever-stable development and production environment

By working with standard development templates and code checks — which we will set up for you within DevOps Out of the Box — you will have an ever-stable development and production environment. In summary, DevOps Out of the Box allows you to do the following:

  • Develop applications in a secure way thanks to automated approval procedures and the right compliancy and security requirements.
  • Achieve fast releases by working with the required template in DevOps and automated code checks right away.
  • Easily start projects thanks to standard DevOps templates.