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 Pulse: your cloud landscape’s heartbeat

You know you’ll benefit from a transition to Azure. But experts who understand the Azure landscape are difficult to find. And who will manage the cloud after you’ve made the switch?

Your own IT resources are scarce, so you prefer to use them to empower the business. At the same time, your IT department faces the challenge of having to guarantee business continuity — especially now that people work in increasingly flexible ways. 24/7 security isn’t a choice, but a must! On top of that, the cloud landscape is constantly changing: Microsoft introduces innovations at a rapid pace. How to keep up to date?

Work with leading experts who unburden you: constant innovation

What if cloud experts unburden you when it comes to basic IT services? You don’t have to worry about your data center and security matters. You can fully focus on using IT to strengthen the business department, resting assured that people monitor your cloud environment 24/7 and take action if necessary.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! If you opt for Wortell, this is your new reality. We’re a full service provider that has been named best Microsoft Partner more than once, so you’ll work with a group of leading experts. Wortell has also been named best employer a few times, which means we attract specialists. Together, they work on constant innovation. Here’s what that means: we continually test whether the current services in your cloud landscape still meet your demands. We also organize inspiration sessions to show you what the cloud can do for you time and again.

An AI watchdog that prevents (rather than cures) problems

Once your data center is set up, we will manage it. We’ll build applications and integrate them into the data center, and we will ensure other Microsoft partners can bring applications into it if desired.

Of course, it’s paramount that this application landscape is properly protected and monitored. That’s why we use a smart automation platform called Pulse. Pulse uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take action when it detects something unusual in the environment. We are notified of this and have an engineer look at it. This way, we prevent an actual malfunction.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once the engineer has solved the problem, our automation team roll up their sleeves to build a structural solution. This helps us prevent a recurrence of a similar notification. We incorporate each solution we’ve built into the platform, so all customers can benefit from it.

Briefly put, transparency and insights are essential within Pulse, which is also evident in the My Cloud component. You can use the latter to view the status of the customer environment and the associated costs at any given time. Gaining insight has never been easier!

Why opt for Pulse?

  • Complete unburdening through automation and AI
  • You always get to use the latest cloud innovations
  • Focus on the business because your basic IT is fully taken care of