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Security Awareness.

Security Awareness: keeping employees sharp through training and testing

Your IT department takes all necessary measures to achieve the desired security level. Because in the case of an audit, you should be able to demonstrate you are well trained and do everything you can to prevent security problems. But most organizations tend to ignore the weakest link: the user. The latter should be well aware of the importance of security and related pitfalls. Otherwise, your investments will be fruitless.

The question is, how to make users aware of security without spending a ton of money? And how to offer every employee training that matches their level?

Interactive, sector-oriented program

Forget expensive individual training courses that are only held once or twice a year. Security Awareness continuously keeps employees sharp when it comes to security! This interactive training program consists of monthly training and testing.

To make the program fun and accessible, we provide a high degree of interactivity. For example, we offer videos, games, quizzes, newsletters, documents, and training modules. We also create more awareness around the ‘security’ theme by hanging posters throughout the building. Once a user has reached a certain level, they will no longer be offered material from a lower level.

As the program is sector-oriented, it’s very relevant and interesting to users. The target audience recognizes itself in the situations we sketch by way of example — in videos, among other things. This means the program is more effective!

Theory and practice: monthly training and testing

The world doesn’t stand still. That is why Wortell offers monthly training in different forms: users can choose between watching videos and completing questionnaires. Furthermore, we consider the nature of an employee’s job. For example, a tech-savvy employee who can access sensitive data will receive more intensive training than a canteen staff member.

We will be there for you throughout the program. If users are unsure whether an incoming message is a phishing email, they can send it to us with a press of the button. We will then investigate the email and send back the results.

Additionally, we will closely monitor developments in the field of security. If there’s a new cyber threat, we’ll immediately send out a training, which we will follow up by testing whether users are well trained. Incidentally, they won’t know we’re doing this. We will create and send fake phishing emails, distribute USB sticks in and around the building, or make fake voice phishing calls. We might even dress up as firefighters and drop by your office to see if we can get into the server room without identifying ourselves. Those who fall into the trap will receive a customized training in the form of a fun series, which is perfect to watch during breaks!

Why opt for Security Awareness?

  • You’ll strengthen the weakest link through continuous training on the job
  • Virtual and physical security
  • Training is tailored to the individual user’s level and preferences
  • Sector-oriented program that takes your field and challenges into account
  • More willingness to cooperate when it comes to security as a result of increased awareness
  • Compliancy and a higher audit success rate
  • A fixed price per employee