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Teams Governance.

Teams Governance & Security: staying successful with Microsoft Teams 

Employees increasingly struggle to find documents. There’s no uniform way of working in the organization, and sometimes, files are accidentally shared with the wrong co-workers or, worse, with external parties. As a result, productivity gains — the very reason why Teams was initially implemented — are lower and lower. Recognize this situation? Then it’s probably time for you to embrace Teams Governance & Security. 

Stop looking, start finding 

Now that the use of Microsoft Teams increases, the number of documents grow. Here’s a problem you’re probably familiar with: it’s more and more difficult to retrieve documents. The reason might be that there are several Teams with the same goal, or one employee considers OneDrive a logical storage place for documents while the other prefers Teams. The right governance allows you to make agreements on such matters and disable the possibility of creating Teams of the same name. This way, retrieving documents will be easy, and collaboration will improve.  

Featured: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive are great tools. If you want them to be a success, it’s essential to make clear agreements on how people use them. The key is to use a combination of technical and information quality control and guidelines. That’s exactly what our Teams Governance & Security service provides. 

The right settings prevent data leaks  

Working with Microsoft Teams is so simple that data leaks may occur before you know it. Seemingly small choices may have major consequences for your information security. For example, has an HR team in your organization ever accidentally been made public instead of private? Or have employees shared a document with everyone rather than a select group of people within the organization? These are exactly the kinds of situations you’ll be able to prevent by paying attention to governance and security.    

Teams Governance as a continuous process 

We believe the only way to properly set up governance is to treat it as a continuous process. Microsoft 365 tools change on a daily basis, and it’s important for governance to respond and adapt to these changes. That’s exactly why we provide this solution as a service. At a fixed price per month, we will continuously make sure your documents are stored in a secure way, can be accessed by the right people, and are retrievable at all times. How? We’ll use our standard, proven approach that consists of 5 steps.