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Teams Voice.

Teams Voice: telephony fully integrated into Teams and the workplace 

Many organizations want to take telephony to the next level. The current telephone exchange (PBX) is outdated, inflexible, and expensive. Enough reason to look into other options. But this is quite a difficult process, as telephony is vital to most organizations. People should be able to reach you at all times, and you require the same functionalities you currently work with. That’s why a solid modern solution and a smooth migration are key. But how to go about it? And why is Microsoft Teams the perfect modern telephony solution?  

A trusted tool within the existing workplace 

Now that more and more organizations know how to work with Microsoft Teams and location-independent working has become normal, telephony in Teams is indispensable. Need a complete, flexible telephony solution that is fully integrated into the workplace — within a platform end users already use? We’ll ensure the migration to Teams is simple. You can opt to keep the PBX (hybrid solution) or not. Briefly put, you’ll benefit from a fast, low-risk migration to a tool end users are familiar with.  

A cheap solution that includes all functionalities you need 

Quite some people think that telephony in Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer enough possibilities and doesn’t suffice compared to old or existing telephony solutions. But nothing could be further from the truth. With Teams Voice, we can add all extra functionalities to Microsoft Teams, such as call center options and barrier operation. This means you can fully deploy Microsoft Teams as a modern telephony solution and use cheap international telephone numbering plans.  

Optimal flexibility in the field of telephony 

Ready to start working with Teams Voice? Then you’ll enjoy the following benefits right away: 

  • When it comes to telephony, you’re fully connected in Microsoft 365 

  • You can always make adjustments (examples include groups and new employees) 

  • Wortell will manage your telephony platform 

  • You will receive monthly reports on the performance of the service 

Want to try Teams Voice for a few months? Wortell offers you the opportunity to try out a fully working Teams Voice solution in your own Teams environment fast. Be sure to inquire about the possibilities!