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Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows (English)

1 day


In addition to a workflow engine, Synapse Pipelines also has a powerful ETL component: Data Flows. Here you can visually design, execute and manage all kinds of substantive data transformations. But how do you do that right? In this one-day training we will discuss the smart and proper use of Data Flows within Synapse Pipelines for your ETL tasks.

Prerequisites to follow the Synapse Pipelines training

For this training it is important that you are already familiar with Synapse Pipelines, the Azure Data Platform and the Azure Portal. A good preparation is the training "Synapse Pipelines: Orchestration and Development".

Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900) (English)
Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows (English)
Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (English)
Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows (English)
Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows (English)
Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows (English)

Course outline

In one day we cover all aspects of Data Flows within Synapse Pipelines. We get to work a lot ourselves, so that after the training you can also work with Synapse Pipelines and develop Data Flows yourself.

  • Operation of Data Flows and its place within Synapse Pipelines
  • My First Data Flow
  • File formats, source and target systems
  • More complex operations
  • Smart reuse of functionality with Flowlets
  • Structuring your Data Flow solution
  • Limitations and cost considerations

Course material

In the training "Synapse Pipelines: Data Flows" we use material that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time.

Available dates

There are currently no scheduled dates available. Please contact us for options.