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To empower data so data can empower people.

Smart: using existing data to make your organization smarter

No matter the sector in which you operate, data and analytics are essential. The industrial sector will benefit from maintenance forecasts, banks are in need of fraud forecasts, and health care organizations require diagnosis forecasts.

With that in mind, you need to make your organization smarter. And that’s why you want to make the digital transition. But it’s easier said than done. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession, and you don’t have the in-house expertise required for realizing this transition. So, which smart solution will help you move forward at full speed?

Using existing data in a smarter way

At Wortell, we aim to go about things in a smarter way. That’s why we connect existing data with other data sources. This will provide employees with enrichment and better insights, which you can use to do forecasts your organization can anticipate.

To achieve this goal, you should also enable your employees to transform into data professionals. They will receive help: once our data platform is implemented, the algorithm is their digital co-worker. Then, the way will be paved for doing forecasts!

Powerful data empower people

We want to help organizations become smarter, so they can better serve their customers. To realize this objective, products, services, and people should transform. We overhaul obsolete processes and optimize operational processes.

Our mission: to empower data so data can empower people!

What’s our approach?

Our first step is to assemble a data team within your organization. Then, we’ll perform a Data Readiness Scan to gain insight into where you currently stand.  After we’ve mapped this, we will start building a Smart Data Platform. You can connect your first data sources to it, so information streams will flow through the platform. Ultimately, these efforts will result in data you can use in reports in a solid way.

To keep it simple, we will start with one data source. But we’ll keep adding data sources, which means your reports will grow increasingly powerful. You’ll work with data and algorithms, based on which you will do forecasts. It’s possible to include these in an additional column in a list, but you can also develop a full-fledged application around them.

An analytics translator will help you convey the value of this data platform by explaining what data means to your organization, thus bridging the gap between the business department and the tech team. An important role!

Think this doesn’t concern you? Well, think again. If you want to stop lagging behind the events and start handling data in a smarter way, you can start tomorrow. Or, why wait until then? Start now!