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From 2023 to 2024: looking back and ahead with COO Brunia

Brunia van Brakel

As the new year begins, I have completed my first months at Wortell. It's time to reflect on 2023 and look forward to 2024! What have we put behind us? And what awaits us in the coming year?

Coming home' to an agile company 

When I stepped inside Wortell, I quickly noticed something special: this is a very agile company. I came from a corporate environment and ended up here in an entrepreneurial structure. That led to an extremely inspiring and instructive start-up period. I like the fact that I can use my knowledge and skills in such a fast-growing, flexible environment. 

The open culture at Wortell plays a significant role in this. The incredibly warm welcome I received from colleagues, clients, and partners made me feel as though they were eagerly anticipating my arrival. As a result, I felt at home in no time. 

I also take great pleasure in observing the talent around me, paired with a collective willingness to learn. Especially since I started from a teaching background in the distant past. That's where my passion for people comes from. In corporate life this made me a kind of white raven. That had its advantages too. But at Wortell, it felt like coming home.

Managed Services to automation 

A retrospective wouldn't be complete without discussing some of the year's highlights. I want to highlight our growth in delivering Managed Services, an area where we've made significant strides. Several driven colleagues are involved in this - including Han Jansen, who has a lot of experience in this area and came in with me. With his arrival, we are focusing even more firmly on these services. Our approach is distinctive: we establish a strong technical foundation, and go beyond to make our customers really happy by completely unburdening them with a service that continues to surprise them. This approach reaffirms our commitment to putting people first.

In the past year, I have also seen this reflected in our Professional Services. We've again completed numerous impactful projects with our clients, significantly enhancing their businesses. The strength and dedication shown by our team members, whom I proudly refer to as 'Wortellers,' are milestones in themselves."

We are also making significant advancements in automation and AI, leveraging tools like Microsoft Copilot, both internally and for our clients. For them, for instance, we automate the development of environments. This not only saves time and executes customer requests more efficiently but also minimizes errors. By investing in automation, we can function even better as a safe pair of hands for our customers: if you entrust your infrastructure with us, we manage it comprehensively. We ensure that the environment is not just operational but also up-to-date. Most importantly, we approach this from both an IT and business perspective, aligning our solutions with your strategic objectives.

Lots of growth and value 

Overall, I can say that the past year has brought us a further strengthening of our position as a Microsoft partner. A lot has also happened within Wortell: during a period of tremendous growth, we have managed to bring a lot of value to customers and remain a reliable partner for them. 

That I was asked to help this company achieve its future goals is a incredible oppertunity for me, We have really found each other in this. That's what this year has brought me personally.

Future plans: further investing in Solutions and People 

At Wortell, we are always looking ahead. As we enter 2024, what can our customers expect from us?

Firstly, they can anticipate even more advanced and stable solutions. We achieve this by actively incorporating customer feedback into our standardized products and services, ensuring they evolve with our customers' changing needs. By carefully listening to our clients and aligning their requirements with Microsoft's offerings, we create solutions that truly address their specific challenges.

Moreover, we consistently monitor technology trends to identify what will be most beneficial for our customers. But, most importantly, we recognize that our most vital investment is in our people. By fostering their growth and development, we continue to elevate the quality of service and innovation we provide to our customers.

Towards a golden 2024 

My vision for the future is that Wortell will continue to grow as an innovative force in the IT industry. We aim to further evolve our services. In addition, in 2024, we are again fully committed to our strategic partnerships - with Microsoft as well as other parties. 

We already deliver our pillars - Secure, Work, Cloud, Productivity, Adoptie en Change, Meet, Smart, People - in an integrated way. But next year we will take integration one step further in order to continue to fully unburden customers. Now and in the future. 

Part of our integrated approach is that we also focus on adoption and change management. When implementing new technology with us, we don’t just offer technical support; we ensure their teams fully embrace and understand the change, we help your people embrace it. We guide them through the technical part and show them what the change means for them. In this way we ensure that they actually want to work with the technology. Because: We Empower People. 

With the ongoing developments and our relentless pursuit of excellence, I am confident in a bright future for both our customers and Wortell. Let's embark on this journey together. Here's to a golden 2024!"

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