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How do you navigate as an organization in today's AI world?

Artificial Intelligence

AI: almost everyone is working on it right now. Those who want to stay ahead, "have to do something with it. But what exactly? What does AI help your organization with? How do you achieve a secure environment? And are you actually ready for it?

Work more productively? That's what you do with AI

Whoever says 'AI' says 'ChatGPT'. But AI extends far beyond the now world-famous chatbot. In addition to ChatGPT, Microsoft offers other smart AI products that help you work more productively. Consider Microsoft Copilot, which is incorporated into all your Microsoft 365 applications to help you, the user, speed up and improve your work.

The name really says it all: Microsoft Copilot is a "buddy" (co-pilot) that can make your life a lot easier. For example, if you find an overflowing mailbox when you return from vacation, you can ask Microsoft Copilot to create a summary of your unread messages. Or you could ask for an overview of all the meetings scheduled for the coming period. You can also have a PowerPoint design compiled on a textual and functional level.

Very handy, of course. But a new question immediately pops up: what about security?

Is your organization ready for AI?

A big advantage is that your data stays within your environment when you use AI products from Microsoft. In the Netherlands, Microsoft is the only party currently enabling this.

Of course, it is important that you secure your environment properly before you start working with AI. You want to maintain control as well as flexibility. In recent years, this has been difficult for many organizations as they rushed through implementations because of the pandemic. As a result, governance often leaves much to be desired. And that can have consequences, including when you use Microsoft Copilot. For example, if you simply store confidential information in a file, Microsoft Copilot can use and share that data to provide answers to user questions.

The AI assistant reads all your documents, so you have to be very careful about what data you store where. And it is important to determine who has access to what information. In other words, your knowledge management must be in order.

Do you have governance in place? Then you are not there yet. After all, adoption is crucial. Remember that the way users work will change dramatically. They need to know how best to use AI to get the best answers out of it.

Making AI do what you want it to do?

Microsoft's AI products have several standard elements to support users. But many organizations would like to implement extensions so they can also use the AI assistant to support and interpret business processes (and then take action on them).

Wortell helps organizations implement AI in a variety of ways. Want to turn on Microsoft Copilot in standard form? We'll take care of that for you. Want to integrate an open-AI service into your business process? That, too, is possible. Our developers get to work writing code so AI does exactly what you want it to do!

Want to discover how AI can help your organization?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your opportunities and possibilities.