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Navigating IT challenges in dynamic business environments


In today's dynamic business landscape, where growth is often achieved through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), a robust and flexible IT infrastructure is crucial. Wortell offers the expertise and solutions companies need to set up and manage their IT governance, allowing them to focus on their core activities. In this blog, we will demonstrate how Wortell tackles these challenges and the benefits it brings to our clients.

Buy-and-Build strategies and IT challenges

Companies pursuing a buy-and-build strategy, where they acquire smaller companies to grow rapidly, face several IT challenges:

  • Integration of diverse IT systems: New acquisitions come with their own IT environments and systems, often incompatible with the existing infrastructure.

  • Management of multiple environments: Maintaining multiple, often disparate IT environments can be complex and costly.

  • Achieving economies of scale: To realize the intended benefits of scale, IT processes and systems must be streamlined and harmonized.

Wortell helps companies overcome these challenges through a structured and strategic approach, leveraging proven methodologies and advanced technologies.

Our approach: IT governance and Carve-In of environments

At Wortell, we understand the importance of strong IT governance, especially during and after mergers and acquisitions. Our approach involves the following steps:

  1. As-Is Management

    • Immediate relief: We take over the current IT environments of the client as-is, relieving the internal IT department and allowing them to focus on strategic transformation projects.
    • Inventory and analysis: A detailed inventory of the IT environments of all parties involved to get a clear picture of the current infrastructure and systems.
  2. Integration and Harmonization

    • Standardization of IT processes and systems: Following best practices and advanced technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365.
    • Environment linking: Integrating local Active Directories with Azure AD to ensure uniform identity and access management.
  3. Carve-In and Implementation

    • Data migration: Automated migration of data, including mail, SharePoint, OneDrive, and business applications, to the new integrated environment.
    • Application management: Repackaging and distributing applications via Intune and AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  4. Cleanup and Optimization

    • Cleaning up old environments: After successful migration, we ensure the safe removal of old data and systems to guarantee a clean and efficient new environment.
    • Continuity and support: Ongoing support for end-users and administrators during the transition period, including adoption programs and user guides.

Added value: Economies of scale and Innovation

Our approach not only delivers a stable and secure IT environment but also provides significant economies of scale:

  • Cost savings: Through standardization and automation.

  • Enhanced productivity: Through a streamlined and uniform work environment.
  • Innovation: Continuous improvement and adoption of new technologies keep our clients ahead in their market.


With Wortell as a partner, companies following a buy-and-build strategy can rely on a trustworthy and expert IT governance organization that understands and resolves the complex challenges of mergers and acquisitions. Our extensive experience and strategic approach ensure seamless integration, efficient management processes, and ultimately greater business value. We empower people, especially during the challenging phases of growth and transformation.