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Phasing out SCCM within your educational institution: 3 options to make the switch.

'SCCM' is a familiar term for educational institutions. But Intune is becoming more mature and better aligned with the strategy of working more from the cloud. And within education there is a growing desire to work with modern cloud technology because it offers more features and convenience - both for user and administrator. This is why many educational institutions want to phase out SCCM. But the 'how', they have not yet decided.

A switch seems to be time-consuming and the necessary expertise is often not available in-house. In addition, phasing out SCCM has an impact on the end user. The result: procrastination. But procrastination is actually not an option.

So let's look at the question, "How do you migrate to the new technology with as little impact on the management team and end users as possible? In this blog post, we'll discuss three options.

1. Big-bang migration: getting from point A to B in no-time

Is an incremental approach generally not for you because you like to handle things all at once? Then you are probably leaning towards a big-bang migration. Here, you transfer all systems within a defined time frame - say, a week.

2. Co-management: transitioning flexibly and quietly

In many cases, an incremental migration is a good choice. With co-management, your organization slowly transitions from SCCM to Intune. Here you use a flexible approach, allowing you to quietly go from point A to point B.

However, this does require a configuration of SCCM. Whether this is the best option for your educational institution depends on various organization-specific factors.

3. SCCM + Intune: two systems side by side

If you want to phase out very slowly, it may be useful to build an Intune environment alongside SCCM. For a longer period of time (usually at least a year) you continue to use SCCM in the old familiar way, including all the systems in it. Meanwhile, you set up Intune and start working partially on that as well.

Need support with the switch?

Which option is the best fit for your educational institution? And once you've chosen one, how will you implement it?

Wortell can support you in all aspects of the comprehensive process. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.