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Creating a world wide scalable platform with Azure Arc and Kubernetes

To set up a future-proof, modern Azure infrastructure at KPMG Ignition Tokyo (KIT) and other countries, the organization is building a pan-Asian platform. On this Azure platform, the various offices can implement applications and develop them in a compliant way. Azure expert Wortell was asked to collaborate on this project. Together with the KPMG project team, we are building a generic infrastructure (Azure Landing Zone) while setting up a scalable data platform, using the latest cloud technologies such as Azure Arc, Synapse, Docker, and Azure Kubernetes.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Microsoft. Recently, the KPMG case was even highlighted at Microsoft Build. You can watch Microsoft’s video on the project here.

The Azure Landing Zone with quality controls

We are developing an Azure blueprint — first, for KIT; then, for the other countries that need it. The various offices can use this blueprint to quickly set up an Azure environment with a similar infrastructure. As compliance is essential to KIT, you can see every change that is made within the platform through a code chain process. Quality controls are used to automatically test code against best practices and KPMG standards that have been developed. Changes are only made after review and approval. This allows us to keep exact track of who has done what, and it’s impossible for one person to single-handedly adjust the code on the platform. It’s exactly what is required for security, compliancy, and auditing.

KPMG Ignition Tokyo X Wortell

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platform

Don’t Repeat Yourself

The Azure platform is built with the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle in mind. This means we use existing tools, knowledge, and information to the highest possible extent. This allows other offices to duplicate or join the platform — which is possible because business information is stored separately from the implementation code. To achieve even more efficiency, the implementation approach and processes are also shared.

Azure Arc: the data center’s stepping stone

On the platform, we use Azure Arc to interconnect all data centers and sources. Many data center contracts have been concluded at KIT, and these are important data sources that should be used on the overarching platform as well. You can use Azure Arc as a stepping stone to run various Azure services within your own data center, at a private cloud hoster, and at other cloud suppliers. Azure Arc also facilitates data center management, as everything is managed through Azure. Briefly put, we use Azure Arc to modernize the existing data center.

Using technology to drive your business forward

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KPMG Ignition Tokyo X Wortell

Watch the entire video of the project.