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Wortell and corporate social responsibility.  

It’s important to us to make a sustainable contribution to society. That is why we’re proud to be a ‘Business Friend’ of the DCS (Dutch Cancer Society). And with Videobutler, we offer jobs to people with poor job prospects.  

Dutch Cancer Society 

As a Business Friend, we help curb cancer by investing in top scientists who specialize in cancer. We support cancer patients in our immediate surroundings and inspire employees, customers, and business contacts to help curb cancer, too. Wortell spotlights the Dutch Cancer Society during various campaigns. Furthermore, the Dutch Cancer Society is one of our valued customers. For more information on the Dutch Cancer Society, go to www.kwf.nl/en/english 

Videobutler: social entrepreneurship 

The core business of Videobutler — video conferencing — is in line with the global ambition to engage in climate-neutral entrepreneurship. After all, traveling contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. Videobutler helps its customers contribute to a better environment. Thanks to Videobutler, video conferencing has become very simple, and we make an impact on the personal lives of users. If people spend less time traveling, their social lives often benefit. What’s just as important, though, is that we make a social impact on the lives of our employees. Our Videobutlers make the difference for our customers, but also for our own company. They are the driving force behind our unique service. 

As a Videobutler’s job can be performed from home without any trouble, we have specifically selected people for this position who find it difficult — or, sometimes, impossible — to find a job outside the home due to their physical disabilities. 

Social Enterprise NL 

To us, the physical condition of our Videobutlers is not a limitation. Rather, it’s a potential of talent and drive to jointly create added value, both for our customers and for society. As a member of Social Enterprise NL and an active participant in social projects, Videobutler endeavors to keep building a valuable bridge between people, the environment, technology, and society for years to come.