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Video conferencing is an efficient way of holding meetings at a global level. But it’s only useful with proper, stable picture and sound quality, which allows customers to participate effortlessly in a meeting that lasts for several hours. Moreover, it should be extremely simple for users to organize a video conference. Every obstacle in the process may be a reason for them to hold the meeting in a different way.

Videobutler provides high-quality video conferencing equipment from Cisco and Polycom. Subsequently, the Videobutler makes sure everything goes smoothly. It’s a perfect combination: you’ll be unburdened from the time of booking up to the actual meeting.

Videobutler has a knack for organizing things in a proper, accurate way. Additionally, it offers a secure cloud service from its own data center. All crucial functions are integrated, including:

  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Firewall traversal technology
  • Integration of audio conferencing (conference calling) and video conferencing
  • Conference recording
  • Webcasting and webinar options
  • Integration of various video conferencing technologies
  • Extensive options for mobile video conferencing users