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Advanced T-SQL for Data Analysts (English)

€ 699,- (excl. VAT) 1 day Online


In the training "Advanced T-SQL for data analysts" you will learn the very powerful concepts of windowing , ranking , subqueries and CTEs in one day. As a data analyst you can efficiently perform and solve all kinds of analyzes with this. In the course of the afternoon, work on the "challenge", in which all knowledge comes together. These are a number of larger SQL commands, where you have to decide for yourself which technique you can use best to find the solution. In this way, the training is really a whole, and you as a student are challenged to constantly apply the entire "toolset" learned. This training can be followed separately, but it is also the next step after the two-day basic training "T-SQL for data analysts".

De trainer weet ontzettend veel van T-SQL en weet dit goed over te brengen met een gezonde dosis enthousiasme. Tijdens de training bleef geen vraag onbeantwoord. Dit kon ik erg waarderen. De training heeft me geleerd dat er ontzettend veel mogelijk is met deze taal. Het is echter wel noodzakelijk om het meteen toe te passen in de praktijk anders zakt de kennis weg. Hier liep ik een beetje tegen aan tijdens de training. Er zat veel variatie op het gebied van kennis en ervaring met sql in de groep waarmee ik de training volgde. Om er voor te zorgen dat iedereen het uiterste uit de training kan halen, zou ik adviseren om de groepen op dit gebied wat meer homogeen te houden.


Hoop geleerd in de cursus van de trainer. Er is veel ruimte voor flexibiliteit, inbreng van eigen onderwerpen. De trainer past zijn programma daar op aan. De cursus is niet alleen theorie, het geleerde kan meteen in praktijk geoefend worden. Door de flexibele insteek helaas alleen geen syllabus om terug te lezen, maar ook na afloop van de cursus kunnen vragen nog gemaild worden.


Skills gained

After this day you can:
  • Structure complex SQL queries with Common Table Expressions
  • Use Windowing and Ranking functions
  • Transform datasets using Pivot and Unpivot

Prerequisites to follow the training "Advanced T-SQL for data analysts".

You as a participant are expected to have a solid foundation in SQL: sorting, filtering, JOINs, grouping and aggregating are expected as prior knowledge. Would you rather polish up? Have a look at our two-day training "T-SQL for data analysts"

Course outline

  • Table Expressions
  • Sub queries
  • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
  • ranking functions
  • Window functions
  • Pivot and Unpivot
In this course, the possibilities are actually endless: there is the possibility to delve into programming SQL with stored procedures, the smart application of Table Valued Functions with APPLY, or other things that are useful and necessary for your data management. analysis. Your prior knowledge is leading here: there is almost always a big step to take!

Course material

In the "Advanced T-SQL for Data Analysts" training, we use material that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. There are a lot of fun SQL puzzles at the center, which we work through hands-on. This helps you to really understand the language. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time.

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