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Azure Data Engineer (DP-203T00-A) (English)

€ 2.299,- (excl. VAT) 4 days Utrecht


In this Azure Data Engineer training we look at Data Engineering ways to build both real-time and batch-driven solutions in Azure. Both the basic technology (compute, storage) and the analytical solutions are discussed.

Practicality is central to this course: in this four-day course approx. 60-75% of the time is spent hands-on . This way you learn quickly and effectively how to design analytical solutions in Azure.

The content of the "Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure" training is aligned with the Microsoft exam of the same name, Exam DP-203: "Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure" .

Prerequisites to follow the Azure Data Engineer training

To be able to follow the Azure Data Engineer training, it is important that you are already familiar with the Azure environment. You are already familiar with setting up resources, navigating through the Azure Portal, etc.

In addition, you must be familiar with data platforms. In any case, you must be able to read SQL well.

If you are looking for a total trajectory that also includes infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD, etc., take a look at the Smart Learning trajectory Azure Data Engineering .

Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (English)
Azure Data Engineer (DP-203T00-A) (English)
Advanced T-SQL for Data Analysts (English)
Azure Data Engineer (DP-203T00-A) (English)

Course outline

  • Exploring compute and storage capabilities for Azure Data Engineers
    • Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Introducing Azure Databricks
    • Introducing Azure Data Lake Storage
    • Delta Lake architecture
    • Using Azure Stream Analytics
  • Interactive queries with Azure Synapse Analytics serverless SQL pools
    • Exploring the capabilities of Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool
    • Run T-SQL queries against files in a data lake
    • Create metadata objects in Synapse serverless SQL pools
    • Secure data and manage users in a Synapse serverless SQL pool
  • Explore data and ETL with Azure Databricks
    • Explore Azure Databricks
    • Read and write data with Azure Databricks
    • Using DataFrames in Azure Databricks
    • Advanced operations on DataFrames in Azure Databricks
  • Using Apache Spark for ETL
    • Big Data engineering with Apache Spark within Synapse
    • Reading data with Apache Spark notebooks
    • Transform data with DataFrames in Apache Spark pools
    • Integrate SQL and Apache Spark pools into Synapse
  • Loading data into the Data Warehouse
    • Best practices for loading data into Synapse
    • Load data with Azure Data Factory
  • Transform data with ADF
    • Data integration with Azure Data Factory or Synapse Pipelines
    • "code-free" transformation of data with ADF or Synapse Pipelines
  • Orchestration with ADF
    • Orchestrate data movement and transformation with Azure Data Factory
  • End to end security
    • Security of the Data Warehouse in Synapse
    • Manage and configure passwords and keys in Azure Key Vault
    • Implement compliance tools for sensitive data
  • HTAP with Synapse Link
    • Shaping hybrid transactional and analytical processing with Synapse
    • Configuring Synapse Link and Cosmos DB
    • Query Cosmos DB from Apache Spark
    • Query Cosmos DB from Synapse serverless SQL pools
  • Real-time Stream Processing with Stream Analytics
    • Use Event Hubs as a pub sub system
    • Working with streaming data from Azure Stream Analytics
    • Read in streaming data with Azure Stream Analytics
  • Create a streaming solution with Event Hubs and Azure Databricks
    • Streaming Process data with Azure Databricks structured streaming

Course material

In the course "Azure Data Engineer" we use Microsoft Official Courseware. We will ensure that you receive this (digital) material at the start of the course.

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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 2.299,-
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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 2.299,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 2.781,79

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