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Data Transformation with Dataflow Gen2 (English)

2 days


With Data Factory Dataflow Gen2 (part of Fabric), you can easily explore, assess for data quality, retrieve, transform, and load data from a wide range of sources and formats into a SQL Database, Azure Data Explorer (Kusto), Fabric Lakehouse, or Fabric Warehouse (SQL Endpoint).

Dataflow Gen2 supports more than 350 different types of data transformations. These can mostly be set up via the graphical interface, but Data Flows also support the use of functions, *custom columns*, and direct entry or modification of the M code in the Advanced Editor.

In this two-day training, we look at the best way to import, transform, and load your data using Dataflow Gen2 and M (the language of Dataflow Gen2). We will work hands-on with data to create queries that add value to your organization.

Pre-requisites to attend the Data Transformation with Dataflow Gen2 training

To be able to attend the Data Transformation with Dataflow Gen2 training, it is important to be well-versed in Power BI. This pre-knowledge could have been gained in the Power BI: reporting and data analysis training.

As a participant, it is useful if you have access to a Fabric environment in which you can develop. If you do not have this, please let us know in advance - we will then provide an environment in which you can get to work.


We delve deep into both theory and practice, focusing on the following components:

  • Place of data transformation with Dataflow Gen2 in Fabric
  • Data sources
  • Data transformations
    • Merge
    • Append
    • AI insights
    • custom functions
    • columns from examples
  • Advanced Editor
  • use of Lists, Records, and other data types
  • Performance tips
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Data preview capabilities
  • Query dependencies
  • Staging queries
  • Query groups
  • Parameters
  • Duplicates and references
  • M, Power Query, and Dataflow Gen2

Study Material

In the Data Transformation with Dataflow Gen2 training, we use materials that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. This includes materials with many exercises and real-world cases. We ensure that you receive all the necessary materials on time. The end result of all exercises is available.

Available dates

There are currently no scheduled dates available. Please contact us for options.