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Fabric Governance (English)

€ 599,- (excl. VAT) 1 day Utrecht


As an organization, how do you safeguard matters such as (data) security, governance, privacy, data quality, and metadata? How do you ensure that your end users have access to high-quality data, analyses, and reports? Fabric is an extensive data platform where we work with many components such as data pipelines, data flows, lakehouses, endpoints, notebooks, semantic models, and reports. In this environment, various expertise comes together, often filled by different people.

In this training, everything needed to properly manage and maintain a Fabric environment is covered. We examine the features and discuss the best practices for configuring them. And of course, we don't stop at the one-time configuration. The equally important continuous monitoring also receives the necessary attention.

Prerequisites for following the Power BI Governance training

To follow the Fabric Governance training, it is helpful to have worked with at least one of the following tools/services: Power BI, Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory.

The training is most useful if you can already manage the Fabric (or current Power BI) environment within your own organization before you start the training. This way, you can quickly verify in practice what you learn in the training.


  • Fabric admin portal
    • Governance and the tasks of an administrator
    • Best practices for the admin portal
    • Settings for tenants, security, and performance optimization
  • Fabric components
    • The different components and how they work together
    • The role of OneLake in your tenant
  • Fabric development
    • Best practices for development
    • Source control, collaboration, and workspaces
    • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Deployment pipelines
  • Data management
    • Data governance features within Fabric
    • Data security
    • Monitoring of Fabric environments
    • Purview within Fabric

Course material

In the Fabric Governance training we use material that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. This is material with many exercises and cases from practice. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time. The end result of all exercises is available.

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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 599,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 724,79
Starts at:
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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 599,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 724,79

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