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Git for Data Engineers (English)

1 day


In the training "Git for Data Engineers" we go in depth with Git for one day. We learn how to use Git effectively for version control, how to resolve (and prevent) conflicts, and how to fit Git into your workflow as a Data Engineer or BI Specialist.

In doing so, you not only learn the best practices for using Git effectively, but also how Git works behind the scenes. This helps to understand why Git works in a certain way. Moreover, it ensures that you as a team can not only get started immediately after the course, but also have a solid foundation for further learning.

Prerequisites to follow the Git for Data Engineers training

No special prior knowledge is required for the Git for Data Engineers training. If you've never worked with Visual Studio Code before, it can help enormously to take a look at this beforehand.

In addition, it is an advantage if you have ever worked with the command line. You don't have to be experienced, but any experience with a Unix/Linux/Mac or DOS/Windows command line is welcome.

Course outline

  • Git introduction and background
  • Add, commit and local version control
  • Collaborate and share developments
  • Preventing and resolving conflicts
  • Branching and merging
  • Git in the data team's practice
  • Git Collaboration Best Practices
  • Apply Git for data platforms

Study material

In the training "Git for Data Engineers" we use material that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time.

Available dates

There are currently no scheduled dates available. Please contact us for options.