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T-SQL for data analysts (DP-080) (English)

€ 1.099,- (excl. VAT) 2 days Online


In the basic training "T-SQL for data analysts" we cover T-SQL, the query and design language for Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics. We focus on making analyzes in SQL, and preparing, linking and enriching datasets for use within other analysis tools. From the broad experience of data analysis, the trainer shares examples, and has numerous "puzzles" ready that help to really understand SQL better.

With these two days, this training is particularly suitable to master T-SQL with a focus on data analysis.

Prettige voorbeelden, en praktijkopdrachten die je op eigen niveau kunt uitvoeren. Met ook altijd de mogelijkheid om buiten de cursusdagen op eigen kracht uit te kunnen voeren en nog te laten controleren. Boven verwachting goed!



No specific prior knowledge is required for the training "T-SQL for data analysts (DP-080)". Do you doubt your prior knowledge? Then please contact us!

Course outline

In the course we will work with the following topics. This gives you a solid basis for extracting and adjusting data from databases yourself.

  • Introducing TSQL
  • Using the SELECT statement
  • Sort, Filter with WHERE, unique values and the TOP clause
  • Really understand JOIN: INNER, OUTER and CROSS
  • Sub queries
  • Advanced subqueries
  • Functions
  • Aggregate (SUM, MIN, MAX) and GROUP BY
  • Filter with HAVING
  • Adjustments with INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • Adjustments with MERGE
  • Automatic values with IDENTITY and SEQUENCE

Course material

In the training "T-SQL for data analysts" we use the official DP-080 (DP-080T00-A) Microsoft material. We expand this with material, exercises and puzzles that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time.

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