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Power BI Advanced: DAX and Advanced Reports

€ 1.149,- (excl. VAT) 2 days Utrecht


In the "Power BI Advanced: DAX and Advanced Reports" follow-up training, we spend two days covering various aspects of data analysis with Power BI. You will learn everything required for advanced data analysis in Power BI, from the basics of accessing SQL Server data to the advanced functionality of DAX; we cover it all!

Prerequisites for the "Power BI Advanced" Training

This training builds on "Power BI Fundamentals." It's important that you have a good understanding of the following:

  • You are familiar with the basic functions of Power BI Desktop and can independently create reports
  • You understand the difference between measures and calculated columns

It's also crucial to model your data in a Dimensional Model. A correct data model means much less complex DAX logic is needed in practice.

Finally, participants need access to Power BI Desktop on their own (work) laptop.


The Power BI Advanced training spans two days and covers the following topics:

  • Importing Data (ETL / PowerQuery)
    • Importing data from:
      • SQL Server (SQL)
      • DirectQuery vs Import
  • Creating a Model
    • Creating a data model (star schemas): Best practices
  • DAX Formulas
    • Introduction to DAX
    • Distinguishing between calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures
    • Writing your own calculated columns
    • Writing your own measures
    • Complex logic: IF + SWITCH
    • Variables
    • Understanding DAX: how it really works
    • Looking up values in other tables: LOOUPVALUE, RELATED + RELATEDTABLE
    • Modifying Filter Context with: CALCULATE + FILTER
    • Custom Time Intelligence: Moving Average + Parameters
  • Reporting 
    • Branding: Page Layouts + Themes
    • Drillthroughs + Bookmarks
  • Deployment
    • Publishing to Power BI Cloud Service
    • Shared Datasets
    • Data refresh: On-Premises Data Gateway
  • Security
    • App Workspace Roles
    • Publishing as an App
    • Row-level security

Study Material

In the Power BI Advanced training, we use materials developed by Wortell Smart Learning. We ensure that you receive all necessary materials in time.

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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 1.149,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 1.390,29
Starts at:
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Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 1.149,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 1.390,29
Starts at:
Ends at:
Location: Utrecht
Price (ex. VAT): € 1.149,-
Price (inc. VAT): € 1.390,29

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