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Data analysis with Power BI and DAX (English)

35 days


With the rollout of Power BI, your organization is rapidly changing into a data-driven organization. In the short term, there is no longer a department where employees do not regularly analyze data in order to make well-founded choices. How do you ensure you have the right skills to get the most out of Power BI without spending weeks on training? With the Wortell Smart Learning Path: Power BI!

In this Data analysis with Power BI and DAX training course - we work through all kinds of aspects of data analysis with Power BI for 5 weeks. Here you will learn everything you need to do advanced data analysis with Power BI: from the basics of accessing and profiling data to the advanced operation of DAX: everything is covered!

This learning path includes three trainings:

  1. Power BI - self-report and analyze data (week 1 and 2)
  2. Power BI Data Modeling (Week 3)
  3. DAX for Power BI level 1 - Fundamentals (week 4)
  4. DAX for Power BI level 2 - smart solutions (week 5)

Ik ben heel tevreden over de training en de manier waarop die is gegeven. Lekker interactief en de opdrachten tussendoor, dat beviel goed!! En ondanks de Corona en dat daardoor de gehele training via MS Teams is gegaan, was dit goed te doen.


Prerequisite knowledge to follow the training "Data analysis with Power BI and DAX".

As a participant, you do not need any specific prior knowledge to start with Power BI. However, if you have not worked with Power BI or other data analysis at all, this process is probably quite tough. We recommend that you first follow the Power BI section ( Power BI - self-reporting ) and after you have worked with this more, continue with the DAX section.

If you already have experience with data analysis in another tool, or if you have already worked with Power BI yourself but now really want to go into depth, then you have the necessary prior knowledge. In addition, as a participant you need access to Power BI Desktop on your own work laptop, and access to a Power BI Pro account within your organization.

Course outline

The Data Analysis with Power BI and DAX training consists of five weeks, in which the following topics receive full attention:

  • Working with Power BI
    • Data visualization
      • Create reports
      • Create dashboards
      • Enrich reports with advanced functionality
      • Interactive reports
      • Effective report design
    • Data analysis
      • Enrich reports to unlock insights
      • Advanced analytics
    • Data preparation
      • Data access from various sources
      • Data profiling
      • Cleaning and ETL
      • Load data yourself with Power Query
    • Data Modeling
      • Designing Power BI data models
      • Developing Power BI data models
      • Create measures with DAX
      • Improve performance of Power BI data models
    • Collaborate and share reports
    • Making good use of the Power BI Portal
    • Deployment and maintenance
      • Data set management
      • Create and manage workspaces
  • Power BI Data Modeling
    • Introduction to Dimensional Modeling
      • Facts
      • Dimensions
      • Recognize the business process
    • Practice with a first dimensional model
    • The modeling process
      • Best & Bad Practices
      • 4 steps to a Dimensional Model
      • The Bus Matrix
      • Special dimensions
    • Practice with a more complex business process
    • Handle date and time
    • Customer and product dimensions
  • DAX
    • Introduction DAX
    • Distinction between calculated columns, calculated tables and measures
    • Write calculated columns yourself
    • Write your own measures
    • Variables
    • Understanding DAX: how it really works
    • Adding and removing filters in DAX
  • Common DAX solutions
    • Percentages of the whole
    • Work with dates and times
    • Time Intelligence: Running Totals (Year-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date), Time Period Comparison (Year-Over-Year), and more
    • Dealing with stocks: stock, balances, etc. / semi-additivity
    • Average per summed category
    • Other common resolution patterns

Course material

In the Data analysis with Power BI and DAX training, we use material that we have developed ourselves at Wortell Smart Learning. We make sure that you receive all the necessary material on time.

In this training we have added many extra materials on top of the extensive Microsoft Official Courseware material ("Analyzing Data with Power BI", PL-300T00), which you as a participant will receive during the course:

  • Assignments to actually get started with Power BI
  • Ideas to apply what you have learned every week within your organization
  • Links to in-depth and broadening videos, articles and background information: we are happy to share the places where we learn ourselves!
  • Recordings of the instructional sessions

Everything is done to ensure that you can apply new knowledge in your organization from week 1.

Available dates

There are currently no scheduled dates available. Please contact us for options.