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Dell vWorkspace 8.0 nu beschikbaar


Zojuist is vWorkspace 8.0 gelanceerd! Dit is de eerste release van vWorkspace als onderdeel van Dell. Onderstaand de introductie en een link naar de aankondiging.

"...We're very excited to announce the release of Dell vWorkspace 8.0, the first release of vWorkspace in being a part of Dell ! 

The road to the Dell vWorkspace 8.0 release has brought us through some unexpected changes as a product team. Along the way, we’ve had a lot of interest from our passionate customer base about the direction of the product. Now that Quest Software is a part of Dell, we're more dedicated than ever in providing our customers with a cost-efficient desktop virtualization that provides unique value and enables customer to embrace BYOD while delivering an excellent user experience no matter where they are or what connectivity they might have.

The major new functionality in Dell vWorkspace 8.0 is a great testament to this. Let's have a look!..."