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Secure Score and Windows Defender ATP


Gaining free security insights

Gain valuable security insights based on tooling that is free of charge and part of your Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise environment? Sounds too good to be true? Then read on for a quick dive into Microsoft Secure Score to implement security measures to help improve your security today.  At Wortell, Secure Score helps drive change in the way the customer perceives security within the Microsoft domain. Most customers are unaware of the capabilities and possibilities that are available to them. The checklists provide talking points for decision makers within their IT department and are helpful for defining a roadmap and implementing changes to get your security on a higher level.  


Microsoft Secure Score is a security analytics tool that provides you with an interactive dashboard with a numerical security score based on your own environment. These insights are based on the services you use such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange and how these are configured within your tenant. Based on how much your own Office 365 and Windows Defender configuration is in line with Microsoft best security practices for Microsoft 365, a score rolls out. 


So great now you have a score, but how does this help improve my security? It helps you by suggesting refinements that can help reduce your overall risk based on the available features within your specific capabilities. These controls have weighted score points behind them and by enabling them your security score goes up accordingly.   ExampleBy reducing the amount of global admin accounts and enforcing Multi Factor Authentication you are mitigating potential risk. 

Why act? 

Have ambitions to comply with industry standards and certifications like ISO 27001, ISO 27018? Secure score provides a risk assessment, it gives you tips to make you aware of risks you are facing if you do not follow the recommended actions and gives controls to act on them.  Microsoft as a Software as a Service provides you with the capabilities but you are still accountable for using it and keeping your data safe, including the security configuration part checked. 

So what’s next? 

Does the name 'Office 365 Secure Score' ring a bell? And wondering why there are so many similarities with this tool? That's because Microsoft Secure Score is its successor, that also includes support for Microsoft Intune . Microsoft is committed to providing a one stop shop for security control. Eager to discover what Microsoft Secure Score can mean for your organizations? Or want to find out what the new AVG/GDPR Legislation means for your organization? Together with Wortell en Verdonck, Klooster & Associates we provide you an impact assessment so you will know what steps to take next. Get in touch with us and start improving your Microsoft 365 security today.