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Data & AI for the manufacturing industry (EN) (Closed)

Update: due to popular demand this event is closed Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to improve production processes. What to think of predicting failures with AI? So that action is being taken before the failure occurs. Or the use of a self-learning system to identify imperfections in the production process. Industrial companies can work more efficiently and cost-effectively with these smart features.

Get started step by step with this emerging technology

We see more and more industrial companies testing in the field of AI. It is an important step in the transformation from automation to autonomy. But nevertheless, many organizations still require a lot of steps to implement the right AI solutions. Organizations are often under the assumption that they lack analytical knowledge and skills. The good news is that there is a good chance that your organization is already data-driven. But it is high time to organize it all better and to enrich data. Curious about how that might look for your organization? Register for this free workshop!

Data & AI workshop

On Tuesday, February 4, we are organizing a free workshop in collaboration with Microsoft that is all about discovering and developing intelligent solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. The workshop takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Microsoft and we conclude with a lunch.

The program

9:00 AM Inspiration session about the latest Data & AI cases within the industry 10:00 Data Science Canvas: using the canvas to determine what a possible scenario would be within your organization and how the concept can be developed 12:00 Build prediction model (that's how easy it can be!) 13:00 Lunch

For whom:

You are dealing with: data warehouse, dashboards, decision making based on data, making predictions, innovations. You work as: IT manager, Developer, Data scientist, CEO, CFO, Innovation manager. The workshop is not technical. On the contrary, it is set up in such a way that it is interesting for both IT and colleagues in the business. And whether you are a customer or not. We are happy to share our knowledge!

Unfortunately, you can't sign up for this workshop anymore. All seats are reserved.